Pre-Issue Site Tour

iO is officially live! We’re a quarterly online poetry journals of new American poets, founded in early 2011. We seek to publish all kind of poets and poems, but always work with heart and a passion for language. More guidelines (and submission information!) here.

We’re still working on Volume I: Issue I, but, there’s plenty to do on the site until then. Under About, you’ll find “Things We Like,” which is exactly what it sounds like–poets, presses, journals, poems, and various other things we can’t get enough of. Check out all the wonderful poetry shenanigans that these folks have going on, and show them some love!

We’re also looking for book reviewers, which you can read about (and hopefully want to be!) here.

We hope you’ll consider submitting, and poking around the site for a bit to see what we’re all about. We believe in poetry, community, and conversation. We’d love to hear from you at


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