Take off that ridiculous hat and tell me you love me
is what I want to say but my tongue is not so evolved
My tongue rides a hobbyhorse in a big wet parlor
It acts like a baby in a castle dragging one miraculous oar
& while you get smaller and smaller on the lip of the ocean
stuffing sand dollars in your fanny pack all I can do
is push my stupid tongue back into its stupid airport
& lay down in the tide where all the little crabs
take apart my teeth the way their parents taught them
& their parents before them & their parents before them
& their parents before them & their parents before them
which is when the world was the size of a gazebo
with one undying heart at the center of our lives

I live in a castle made of ten thousand things
sewn together to make an eye It is a heap
of light It is an adequate castle In the castle
I have made a small version of the world It is
realistic which I know is a mistake There is a pair
of scissors There is a government There are buildings
that break the clouds In the castle I am alive
like a horse My emotions want to make me say things
that will never come back out of you A butterfly
is licking my ear is what my emotions want to say
But the government wants me to tell you things
that do not make sense with my emotions
I have the feeling I am being watched I have
the feeling a flower is going to bite my hand off
My parents and the birds are always quiet
Sometimes I think the castle is not a castle
Other times I lay down in this little world
to make the trees not look like trees

My voice grew a secret face
Then my body evaporated I was intact
Solid as a harp At the dancehall we met
We were a simple machine abloom
floating in some astral luxury
When we met it was like a sunroof
The world thinks we are a mistake
We do not have documents to prove otherwise
Together we cling to my equipage
& distribute our love in the skymeat
Together We must work together
It is easy We buy a terrarium
We give a terrarium away
The desert unfolds before us like a desert
I couldn’t say where it came from
but there is enough lemonade for everyone

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