[ from The Ancillary Letters ]


I am digging up your family
plots to hide our shark proof cage
made of rusted swords
you mirage our inosculation
the dowry decaying in the freezer
my bones are man-of-war
performing slight of hand
I ignite our typhoid mary
you lead a black mass in me
you shallow grave my lamb pasture
your paper knife effacement
we just close mouth kiss
this haunted forest
I am a giant fluke worm
my barbs deep inside
everything I love
full of bile
my broken bulldozer on display
surrounded by glass

I am taxidermied
on our weathered porch
I painted murals of demons
on your old bedroom walls
I built an organ
to serenade this disfigurement
the wizard inside me
pseudomorphic and forgetful
I have to plaster of paris
our memories that hallway embrace
I made my own silver bullets
distilled from your car exhaust
the letters of your name
scraped off every ouija board
I bronzed your coffee maker
and blew up the picture
of you crying outside the fortune
teller’s tent I built an elevator
out of our furniture
that opens on a kabuki play
a lighthouse you won’t return to

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