Nonflexible people die everyday. At least, that’s what you tell me
and we pack our bags for separate occasions. A detour of mud,
a situation of horses. This vehicle we jump from. I can’t feel
my bones and this makes me frightened. Try to be more understanding,
I’m not pointing any guns in your direction. I have these missiles
and no one to hold them. My body is feeling very fragile
so consider the option of reinventing our organs. I’m okay
with the toothpaste, but not the knowledge that our teeth
are bones. I am trying to concentrate on how to tell you this: I ate
all the cheesecake. I peed in the sink. I laughed when you
broke down. We are trying to run with two feet and it is hilarious. The way
our bodies pretend to store strength. How an orchard can give more
than emotion. I’m stuck on petals. Everything is dying
except for this table. I’m bidding on objects I can’t fit into our apartment.
I am thinking about money. We should know better.

Far away from the center of town
there is a lamb who knows the difference.
A little oat of truth and light and all the space
I need to take a comfortable bath. There
is nowhere to rest my feet and they are so
black on the bottom with the rust of sneezes
and night walks I don’t remember.
When did this happen? I don’t remember
the last time I recycled and held your hand
across the quick pond. A little shelter built
out of the corners of our scared and impossible
minds. We are tethered to these chairs
and the grass is so not green. Your machinery
is a helpless ghost of everything I wanted
and in this life I feel I must settle.
When did this happen? I can’t wipe all the steam
from this mirror and my face is disappearing
and slow like a bad race car. Bad like I am
when my back is turning. Every time I step
it’s a little farther, a father, a deer crying
and I’m hiding behind these moths. Forever
is too much and my feet are oh so tired.
All this explaining. All these parakeets.
Grow, tree, out of my heart space. I am
not a forest. I am close. Scared churches
of us off in the distance and see me running
like a runner does.

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