Statues of mud & cactus juice.
Here, take this thistle;

at the base, place your hand
circle it, choose that moment
the hand rises. Walking

two men are walking.
Eyed inside the window
one matches a placed unfiltered

cigarette his lips. Pregnant
smoke flowers from his lips.
A tablecloth
flowers & wrought iron chairs.

Do not pay attention to the men
but walk behind them, eye them.

Stopping now, much will
still be folded into

& burned: a hand rising up
the stalk of a thistle.

Thorns leave their thistle
and penetrate the hand
and become for a short time

you. Small amounts of blood
and matter attempt to meld them.

A world is a thistle & a hand
a hand. Scrape the dried cactus juice

with a penny. Chains
will cut into the mud slowly
destroying the mud.

A penny in the tulips & they stand tall;
put a penny in the womb and nothing will grow.


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