It makes me feel about as low as ASAP makes me feel.
There are so many types of us.

Coming in various versions of ourselves.
There is, for instance, one type whose bold sense of entitlement

Is bolstered by an unquestioned, innate sense of righteousness.
This makes for heady combinations.

Therefore this mode calls for constant comparison, something
Sometimes useful, other times blindingly obliterating to beauty, grace,

Love, empathy, sympathy, insight, courage, insight, courage, humor, love,
grace, humor, love, wit, foresight, generosity, love, humor, truth,

empathy, grace, sympathy, empathy, sincerity, grace, truth, beauty,
wit, courage, adventuresomeness, surprise, love, humor, empathy, kindness,

withholding judgment, love, humor, empathy, recklessness, generosity, love, humor,
despair, understanding, love, humor, empathy, recklessness, love, humor, despair,

loving kindness, love, humor, empathy,
humor, joy, sympathy, love, kindness, courage.

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