After a few years of being lost in the woods,  I
stumbled upon a town of tiny castles. It was a
mess  of  beautiful but tiny castles  too tiny  to
enter. They each had tiny moats surrounding
them,  and there  was a stone wall around the
entire   town   that  I  must   have   accidentally
stepped   over.    Even   in   the   town   of   tiny
castles,  I never  felt  like I was  truly out of the
woods.  I couldn’t make myself small enough.
I   thought    about   you    finding   me     there,
crouched  and  lost.  I had to move  on—I had
to  tuck myself  back between  the  cold  trees,
the  light  pooling  up where  I had once  been
long ago but can’t find my way back to.






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