When I see a movie of my town
I want to live in my town,
The town that means my town.

A minuteman runs down our
Vacant street. His name is
Alexander. He’s got a flag

With a minuteman on it.
Alexander with a frozen grin
Makes me lonely for my town.

My town’s frozen memorials
Shrouded in frost at sunrise.
Alexander mascot fleeing

Across a fresh lined crosswalk.
Alexander bank robber.
Alexander haberdasher.

I cross the river and my name changes.
In the east, I’m known one way.
In the west, they call me Roger.
During most hours the bridge is clear.
The shadow running beside my car
Leans in relation to the sun.
At midnight, lampposts line up,
On the job, donning bright boy caps.
They swap identical names.
Two lampposts are dumber than one.
I am a moving lamppost.
At dawn my light goes out.
Everyday at the same time traffic
Bottles up. Who’s dumb now?
I’m at a standstill between names
As I idle under my bright boy cap,
My cap like a capsized dinghy
Vanishing among a school of dinghies
Coasting unpiloted down river.

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