I am talking to you
and repeating myself
I am counting out the numbers
of lazy azure on my wall
and I begin
I digress
to go back and forth
touching the ears
of curtains
learning the names
of different moods
I left the tulip bulbs
I left the pearl
in the background
does that make sense
if I say form
is a promise
if syntax runs beneath
one thing leads
like cake into eros

So telephones exercise complaint
and milestones rain
in love
across a windy Thursday
I can’t control
when cantilevered into spoons
Now it’s time to implode
low level noise into June

if early girls have failed
take care
take their off shore winds
back to April

lazy azure

you like it because
your eye sees further


One afternoon
as words get sharper
and paint flattens
when the room’s floating
orbit fits
on the sill with eggs
I drifted also
through the background
as the sky’s imputed matrix
formed a sentence
giving me the same

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