After Matthew Zapruder


Mmm this guacamole’s really good
and Rose McGowan’s nipples
get so fabulously hard right before
the ridiculous death scene in the garage.
Confession: I should be home right now
preparing a lecture on Ginsberg
and the counterculture. But is that creepy
janitor in the Freddy Krueger costume
really Wes Craven? I suck at movie trivia.
Just one tip, however, if you so happen
to be a high school girl in a horror film:
never tell your friends I’ll be right back,
then steal off alone and braless to a dark
corner of the house. With mild trepidation
I return to “Sunflower Sutra.” A man in
a ghost mask crouches behind the shelf.
It’s like déjà vu all over again,
Neve Campbell says staring out
at the disconcertingly green hills.
Come upstairs, the psycho boyfriend beckons,
close your eyes and take off your shirt.




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